A must read blog – WhiteLabels :)

Pristatau Jumi vieną blogerį – WhiteLabels. Blogas apie muziką ir populiariąją kultūrą. Kad labai stipriai nepridėčiau savų minčių, info iš “About” skilties:

“This is a blog about music in general and contemporary popular culture. The idea is to share my ideas with the rest of the world, of course. Also, I would assume, that blogging is a perfect way to relax and find new friends on the net with whom I could discuss the issues in contemporary popular culture and music. I have a degree in Music Culture: Theory and Production; consequently, some of my stories (not all!) will be written in academic language.
In the near future, I will review books, videos, arts, galleries, albums, movies, gigs, clubs, media stuff, cultural issues, etc.
Thank you very much for your visit and hope you will come back!
Best wishes from Tomas.”

Manau ir link’as būtų neprošal, taigi http://whitelabels.wordpress.com/

Sveikas atvykęs į blogų pasaulį, broliuk 😉